C-108-APM, C-108-2APM

Angled Din Rail

1 and 2 Meter 35mm aluminum unpunched Angled DIN Rail. This 7.5mm high rail allows you to mount devices at an angle for ease of access and better use of space. In this photo, you see one of our standard relay sockets mounted on the rail.


5 position Pushbutton Switch Connector for use with .110” industry-standard blades.  Can work with pushbutton switches up to 8 position.  Plug your pushbutton switch into this connector to eliminate mis-wiring, or loose connections with individual wires. NOTE: any of our switch connector options can be re-designed to accommodate different configurations.  Consult factory for details.


6 position Toggle Switch Connector for use with .250” series blades. Another addition to our Switch Connector offerings (see our CCH Series rocker switch connector, page 50), a toggle switch can be plugged into this connector. The toggle switch can then easily be replaced if necessary.


52.5mm enclosure is another offering in our Electronic Packaging Product Series (see pages 38-45). We can customize to any configuration. You will need to order cover and base as separate parts.


17.5mm enclosure for DIN Rail and Panel Mount applications. These are additional offerings from our Electronic Packaging series. “X” denotes the enclosure is available in many colors, in this case “W” is for white – consult factory for other colors.  You will need to order separate parts for cover, sides, and (2) DIN (or panel) clips.


The SIR-6 is a 14 Position Forcible Guided PC Board Relay Socket. A 250VAC, 10amp Relay would mate to this socket (which is what you see in the white version in the photo).


The KT708 is an 8 position PC Board Relay socket. An example of an application would be for use with a crane lift control.

ES 12

Relay socket for 11pin octal or undecal relays, 3PDT screw connections. DIN Rail mountable. Finger Safe. UR , CSA, and CE. 12 Amps 300 Volts (CSA) and 10 Amps 300 Volts (USA).

ES 50/3G

Relay socket for miniature power relay or miniature switching relay with or without solid state relay, 2PDT spring-cage connections. DIN Rail mountable. Finger Safe. UR , CSA, and CE. 10 Amps 300 Volts